February 16, 2004

To vote or Not to vote!

This is the question?
well, I'm asking those who still love khatami what does this mean?
surely you've got tones of reasons!
I'm not arguing about that! but i just want to know your idea regarding this one,
There is some difference between one who doesn't vote at all and one who casts a vote on which has been written "NONE"!
assume that 2 million votes have been counted and the first candidate is elected with just 10 thousand votes!
the other way would be like 100 thousand votes have been counted and well, the same 10 thousand goes to the first person! which one is more threatening for the Islamic Republic? I'm not yet saying that It would be better to vote!
But if we are Boycotting the election no one should come out of his/her house on first of Esfand!

Posted by Shauheen at February 16, 2004 03:13 PM


I believe Khatami is doing THE BEST possible thing for us, Iran and out future: He is showing us that this system is corrupt, the constitution is shit and if you really want to obey the law and work inside the framework of this system and this constitution, you will end up nowhere but in Torkestan.

Resignation? So what? Whether Khatami resigns or not, the conservatives will do whatever is in their interest, it won't make any different in the long term for us. The later he resigns, the more the corrupt details of the system and its malformed constitution will be revealed. In other words, now that he has only 1 year left in service, his resignation will not make any big difference, so he is trying his best to PROVE to people -- especially to those who still believe that adhering to the constitution would work -- that this system leads us nowhere.

Finally, some people keep saying that if he resigns early, he will keep his good name in Iran's history. That maybe true; but I believe what he is doing now will help us distance ourselves with this stupid culture of heroism in our government system. There is and will be no hero, we need to learn to do what we think is right!

Posted by: Ali at February 16, 2004 09:03 PM