April 07, 2004

Inside Out

Though I hate to give a link to such sites, but there was a bit of interesting point in it! and afterall, you don't need to click on the link (I'll put the image)!!
The Office of the leader of Iran (Ali Khamenei) in Qom used to have a website long ago, I remember seeing it like 2 years before. the site which is in six languages, often refers to him as "Ayatullah al-Uzma Khamenei, The Leader of Muslims"! and has different information as his Bio, Istiftaat (Islamic questions answered) and speeches.
Recently a new site has been launched, which is meant to be his personal website.
there are 3 interesting points regarding this new one:

1. The publisher of the site is "The Islamic Revolution Cultural-Research Institute for Preserving and Publishing Works by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenie"!

2. The site is in 3 languages currently, (arabic - english - persian). In the persian site the title used is:arabicname.JPG "Ayatollah al-uzma" [Grand Ayatollah], when he is referred to as "Ayatollah" only in arabic and english.

3. The site contains his speeches, bio, and islamic questions answered.

Question number one: Does the leader of the Reveloution have problems in managing subordinate organizations, that there are two parallel organizations doing the same thing, or he is maintaining redundancy in order to gaurd the accuracy of sacred words!!!
Question number two: Does the leader himself know that (or think that) the islamic clergy world does not accept over night jumps in rank, and assumes that well, since he can enforce the power inside Iran , and shut the disagreeing mouths, so he would introduce himself, as Udhma in Iran, and modestly!! without Udhma outside.
Question number three: Institute for Preserving and Publishing Works is normally something that activates after ones death! as in case of the founder of the reveloution!

be ghol e hossein! baba tavazo'!

Posted by Shauheen at April 7, 2004 11:33 AM


age man khodamo tahvil nagiram, to migiri????

(under "natijegiri e tablighati") ;-)

weblog e no mobarak. chand vaghte weblog dario be ma nagofti?:->

Posted by: siamak at April 8, 2004 07:10 AM

albait shomaa fargh mikonin! :))

the link was great! nabavi is excellent.

oomadim khodemoono tahvil nagirim, bebinim kasi maro tahvil migireh yaa na!
hopefuly you will receive my poster at your home one of these days!

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