June 06, 2004

Marooned in World

"Marooned in Iraq" is the name of a film by Bahman Ghobadi, the Iranian Director, who has also directed "Time for Drunken Horses" which Peter Bradshaw had called "A remarkable film: a blazingly passionate, spiritual bulletin from a contemporary front-line of almost unimaginable hardship"

As I remember Marooned in Iraq was screened in Iran very silently in few theatres under the name of "Hanareh". I'm sure that not many people have seen it or even heard of it, at least as much as "Time for Drunken Horses". I saw the movie while there were only a few other people around, and the cinema was almost empty.

Anyways, I came acroos this page on BBC Persian. The title reads: "Iranina Kurd refugees' situation in Jordan settled"! guess what they are being sent to europe!

These refugees had escaped Iranian borders nearly 20 years ago, since then they have not seen a peaceful day in Iraq. During the war in Iraq these refugees had to move towards Jordan, but they could not pass the borders and where temporarily staying in a no-where land between Iraq and Jordan.

recently UNHCR, could make the jordanians to let some of them who had a jordanian family in to jordan, now they are being sent with their jordanian families to sweden or finland. where many kurdish refugees live! In fact the kurdish community is Marooned in the world!

click here to see a map of new kurdistan in Iraq

Posted by Shauheen at June 6, 2004 01:52 AM