August 25, 2004

Sleep safe, Montreal is in Peace!

Well, Is Montreal really safe?!!

You may remember, one of my previous posts on March 2004, when Montreal police found a suspicious package in Concordia University, which was in fact an empty mortar shell, that was left in front of the main building, and the security had been suspicious about it. it resulted in immediate evaquation of the building and barring all the streets around.

Last night, another incident resulted in evaquation of the building where our office is located in, and closing of many down town streets. Police had found a mini-van containing 17 firearms, including submachine-guns, handguns and rifles. They also found between 90 and 135 kilograms of explosives!

the mini-van was parked right in front of Concordia CB building. The building is located just two blocks down the universities main building. In the first floor there is a Japanese restaurant, an arabic bistro, and a Van Houte Cafe, which the chinese owner also runs a big internet cafe, and many young people use it as a network game arena! Nearly half of the building is concordia university, there are also some other businesses in some floors.

There is one bad thing to be noticed, the items found are way more than to be linked to small groups. and both this incident and the one back in March had happened in front of a concordia building, that is located near arabic communities of Montreal, and where has experieneced frictions about the middle east peace process in the past. although I'm not concluding anything!!!

There are two good points to be noticed, first of all as police announced, there was no immediate danger, because the explosives where not connected to detonators. Second is that Police has in fact seized it!

taking all this into account, I think Montreal is indeed not an unsafe city! Hope so! :) The only unfortunate thing about this incident is that we were all trying to focus on our research! but it turned out that the cloud, the wind, the moon, the sun, and the whole univeres were busy not to let us uncover another page of sience! :) and ultimately we ended up in an arabic restaurant playing cards, and ordering shishas! :))

Posted by Shauheen at August 25, 2004 06:36 PM