September 02, 2004

Apple rules

This year's Paris expo keynote missed Steve jobs. I wish him a very quick get well. If you have not yet seen the new iMac, click here to stop knowing nothing! It's so good, that it really doesn't need my praise! What I want to point out here is that, it looks like, some people are either used to expect more than they should, or they are trying to do a dirty advertising against some product!
I mean this article by Forrester.

Reading the article first you will see how the writer is impressed by the new iMac G5 design and performance and price. But later he has pointed two stupid points that in his view is the reason why apple has failed to achieve success!!!!

The first reason is: Where is the wireless connectivity?!!!!

For his info, I refer you all to spec page of iMac G5.
All models have: Wireless AirPort Extreme ready (based on 802.11g specification; IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi certified) 4; internal Bluetooth module available as build-to-order option.

Perhaps the writer expects that apple would bundle an iPod, iSight, a printer, scanner and an extra hub for him as well with the same price! Uhhh, I understand, wish that they could deliver the computer with a cute girl inside the box!!!!

The second point is even funnier! Why didn't they include a TV tuner?!!!!

To my surprise the title of the article reads "Apple's missed opportunity"!!!!!
You know what?! Either they are hoping to find a problem, but they obviously are in jeopardy or they don't know what more to expect!

Posted by Shauheen at September 2, 2004 11:30 AM


Yeah Apple Rules! I really like this new design, G5 rules!

Posted by: Yazdgerd at September 2, 2004 12:32 PM

Heh! "Where Apple stopped short"? He's funny :D

Posted by: Babak at September 2, 2004 07:16 PM