September 09, 2004

iPod under attack!

here comes another article not directly but indirectly playing a dirty trick!

The sub title of the first news on under a bold title of "Longhorn's squeeze play" read as: "Next Version of Windows will let firms block access to iPod and other storage devices, CNET has learned."!!!!

Well the first impression at least for me was that they have found a piece of code in windows (almost impossible to find anything in a black hole!) that as in the quick time case is producing some sort of error for iPod users!!

Well I don't know, maybe one could do so, but apparently has not learned this!! but they are telling the old story of "Storage Device Policies" which already exists in SP2!!!

so what's the story?

1. Don't forget about the Longhorn, it may take long, but it is coming. LONGHORN, LONGHORN, LoNgHoRn.... ah and one more thing, longhorn!

2. ah! what was that rarely seen, bad gadget's name? huh? i what? iPod! yeah, that will not work under windows anymore. forget about that! LONGHORN

shameful! I refer you to an older article on
Analyst: iPods a network security risk
so not only it's bad for users, but for you dear large business owner, who will soon use LONGHORN!

well i hate my post, cause i got caught in their game, repeating "that name" many times!

Posted by Shauheen at September 9, 2004 12:46 PM