November 18, 2004

Kurds under oppression in Iran

You can easily find more than ten top film festivals around the world from Italy to Chicago by simply Googling "Turtles can fly".

After "Time for drunken horses" and "Marooned in Iraq", It's the next long movie by Kurdish director Bahman Ghobadi. All three movies happen in Kurdistan, which is biggest nation without a country. stories are all either in Iraqi Kurdistan or Kurdistan of Iran. Although the movie has been screened in many European country's and in many theatres, but in Iran they have even stopped it form being shown in just 3 theatres that used to show it.

In Iran not only Kurdistan is kept far behind national advancements by keeping away big industries to be shaped in it, and not only there are strict racist and discriminating regulations in action to prevent a Kurd to become a high level manager or to have a political position in the government but, It looks like the government is even not happy with the movie industry to become a primary industry in Kurdistan. Although I'm not sure if benefits of kurdistan is more or not at all, but even screening the realities of the area might not be enjoyable for some people.

Dogma makes people so stupid and blind, that they even don't know how to protect the sovereignty of their nation. Do they think that by barring the developement and opperssing a nation they can continue rulling them?

Posted by Shauheen at November 18, 2004 01:43 PM