January 27, 2005

Mac mini

normal_P1020308.jpg I don't think that anyone has ever doubted that all the inovation is summerized in 5 letters "Apple".

This time although we knew much about it before it was announced, but the mac mini still could be breath taking. to me there were just two points that made me uncomfortable with the new design, the first thing was the ipod dock. Before apple introduced the mini mac, I was thinking that Apple for more strong market penetration and effect on probable switchers would put some element really close to iPod in the new design.

at first I was thinking that maybe the new mac would look exactly like a big iPod, but defenitely Apple was thinking better! but then I was thinking that it should at least have a dock on top of it, so that you could put the iPod on it, may be some sort of hidden if you don't like to see a slot on top of your mac.

The second annoying thing was the Power supply. Many people hate having many parts for one system, and if Apple could have come up with some design that could put that extra box inside the mac mini, it would have been much more attractive. Obviously heat, and space have been two major factors that they had to put it outside.

But now guess what! According to an article in AppleInsider, many beleive that the box is there cause it wants to serve as the iPod dock or some sort of media centre.

well the problems are solved! :) now defenitely mac mini is the best.

Posted by Shauheen at January 27, 2005 04:37 PM