March 15, 2006


June 2005, Worldwide Developer Conference, marked a very important date on the life of Apple computer. It was when CEO steve jobs officially announced the transition to Intel processors for the future macs, and urged developers to recompile and rewrite their existing codes. It was an end to a long rumor that the IBM Apple relationship was not going on well. As expected the first Intel Macs were out earlier than first promised. During Macworld in January 2006 Apple officially introduced the first Intel inside iMacs and the product was available immediately at Apple stores. Apple also announced that it has been secretly developing all its software for both platforms and that they ran natively on Intel instruction set.

Well, many people were excited to install the OS X on a Wintel machine! Yeah imagine the possibilities! but from all those opportunities one that I am dying to see is Keynote for windows. It has been such a headache to get rid of this damned powerpoint! It simply sucks! Whenever I see a keynote presentation I feel so bad that I have to use powerpoint, the output of the keynote is so much more professional and good looking that you will instantly realize this can not be powerpoint. besides, powerpoint is sort of ancient software now, when was the last time that Microsoft issued a real update?! 2003?! well I'm looking for the iWork that runs on Wintel.

Posted by Shauheen at March 15, 2006 05:48 PM