November 17, 2006

Casino Royale

James bond is back with a new face. I have to confess that before seeing the movie, I was really sceptic that Craig could be a suitable 007, but seeing the movie changed my mind completely. Caterina MurinoAlthough there were things that were strange, and sometimes annoying! I don't like the Aston Martin (well, If you give me one, I will take it!) neither the ford, bond drives in the beginning. James bond orders Vodka Martini stirred!!! and Sony Ericsson is always up in your face!

Now what I liked, Perhaps the best part of the movie which was amazingly professional and artistic was the opening credits or the title sequence. It consists of illustration of the characters overlayed on a real movie, with some fantastic designs containing fractals and geometric objects. Well it is surely not just that, the new bond is much more believable and his act is a lot convincing. While you don't get a superman impression, but you see a serious bond, that fights well. maybe I will write more later! for now, I think I liked the movie. Ah one last thing, Caterina Murino is hot, wish she was there longer! ;)

Posted by Shauheen at November 17, 2006 02:54 AM