August 28, 2006


When Dell announced a recall of 4.1 million lithium-ion batteries made by Sony, it was anticipated that Apple may have the same problem. Although the number is much less than that of Dell.

I do not understand why would they trust sony after all. If Sony knew how to do business they would have survived in the first place! However, my question right now is about sony itself. Have Apple and Dell been using a technology that sony has provided but has not used in their own products?! what is sony putting in those large coffins they call VAIO?! Is Sony simply rejecting that such problem exists with their product, or are they totally ignorant that people are using their products and may be in danger. Finally can Dell or Apple, file a law suite against sony?

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August 08, 2006


World Wide Developer Conference is soon becoming a pilgrimage for real developers, or shall I say t already is. Aside from what Apple announces in several sessions which the keynote is probably the highlight, there are many engineers and programmers on site from various companies.

I have to admit that bottom of my heart I was hoping that Apple would announce a new device or an update to the iPod or MacBook, but that was too optimistic, since this event is majorly geared towards programmers community and maybe it also does not make a financial sense for Apple to update those products this early, as well as over shadowing the current announcements.

Having said this, the new professional Macs are really amazing and they come at an unbelievable price. However, maybe it's me being away from industry for a while, but I have lost my interest in desktop computers. I am more looking for great laptop solutions. I also have to say that I was not impressed with the Leopard preview. Although it's an amazing OS, and the so called MS Vista will not even come close to what was just shown (well, that is obvious) but I truly hope that the secret features that Steve didn't talk about are more important than the ones they did.

These are some of my observations regarding the keynote; Steve is getting older and thinner (understandable with his health issues and level of stress) while Phil Schiller is getting bigger and bigger, some one would better show him where the gym is at Apple. (not that I am always in a gym myself anyway!). also Steve had at least one clear moment that almost forgot what wanted to say and was looking for words, as if he was totally somewhere else, and he shared the keynote with some other people, which was a great idea, if ever Steve would want to retire Apple will need someone who could do this job, and apparently all three failed yesterday. so they'll have to practice. (BTW, Scott Forstall was mimicking Steve word by word, did you notice the "Boom ... Done!" :) )

About Time machine I would say, why it was not there earlier? also someone has to ask Scott Forstall a few questions, How much will time machine effect the performance of your mac, (making a backup in background all the time). How much will that effect my network load if I am using a remote storage. If I have 100 GB internal, how big do you need my backup medium to be so that you could send me back in time till dooms day showing me every version of the file, do you backup per write on the HD or do you do it in preset time intervals, and if you do it in time intervals how would you claim that you can retrieve everything!? Suppose that I am using a folder as a working folder saving multiple files again and again now suppose that I want to go back in time, then the find a difference feature will be almost obsolete! and more.

A couple of things that were cool, were the iChat, spaces, webclip and also the text to speech. iCal will also have a very bright future. Having said all this don't forget that Leopard is the first official 64 bit OS that also runs the 32 bit apps natively on Xeon by Apple, for that I think they have done a great job of almost rewriting everything, and I'm just eager to see what next? now that you have done the tough one.

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