January 10, 2007


Wow, This was amazing. It truly is a revolution. Apple's new product is not only technologically advanced but as always beautiful and well designed. If I would have described one product that I would always dream of having that would be exactly iPhone. Honestly as it was being revealed I was loosing my hope of being able to get one, because I was expecting it to be well in range of 1000 dollars, but when he announced that it would only be 499, I could tell you that I was flying.
Now, two things that is still different from what I was hoping for. first, iPhone has a camera, but the camera is a 2 megapixel located on the back of the device, that means you can only use the camera to take small pictures, not for video chat, In other words you can not be looking at the screen as well as the camera, what I had hoped for was that they combine the LCD and CCD, so that while you are looking at the screen the screen could also be looking at you! the second thing is GPS, of course with all those wireless interfaces, you can always argue that the GPS is something that should be considered as a peripheral. Oh BTW, Hope that the battery would have lasted more than 6 hours of work or at least that the device could charge itself by just passing through different magnetic fields that are around us. After all I think I'm being too much demanding!

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