March 09, 2004

Jordan to Mojtahedi

A report from Alborz High School is an article in shargh.

it's a short introduction to the history of this high school in Tehran which dates back to 1928.
Alborz High school was known once as the American College of Tehran founded by Dr. S Jordan and his wife, and was later renamed to alborz.
Dr. Jordan and Dr. Mojtahedi's sincere serving in the high school has made a glorious history and a big society of elites who have studied at Alborz.
Do you think that the glamour will fade as time goes on, and everything would be forgotten or that alborz will always be known as a top high school?
In other words how do you think it would be possible to keep a good reputation not only for Alborz but for any other institution? What are the factors that effect the way people see some educational organization?

Posted by Shauheen at March 9, 2004 08:51 PM


If Alborz graduates and alumni help the current students and staff to keep the fire up and hot, nothing fade away. Particularly in a chaotic society such as today's Iran, it's only intellectual and collective help that can keep good things such as education going. It will die away only if everyone forgets about Alborz and if the alumni prefer to ignore it.

Posted by: Алиов at March 11, 2004 11:45 AM