March 11, 2004

joy of Wednesday

The last Tuesday Night of the Persian Year (Starts on the beginning of Spring, 21st March) is celebrated by all Persians by making bon fires and jumping over it, singing and performing certain traditions. Although the way it is performed now days, is not Zoroastrian, but every festivity which has a fire component, shall be searched for its roots in this Ancient Persian Religion. The celebration is called "Chahar Shanbeh Soori" or wednesday party.

During many years after the revelution the islamic hardliners in Iran had opposed the festival, and because people would have celebrated it anyway, there was always some clashes between police and basij forces with people who were partying. As a result of this stupid policy of denying the facts, many consequences where brought up, like using extremely dangerous explosives by people and even children who wanted to make big explosion sounds on the night. and also a big black market of required material.

On the contrary this year the municipality of Tehran which is controlled mostly by the hardliners has announced that they will help the celebration to be held, and that they will sell safe instruments for the festival in known places. perhaps the fire fighting department can controll the process, and even distribute flyers that will describe all the hazards and also will teach how to use the stuff, so that the rate of injuries would be lower this year.

I'm not pointing to the political face-off that the conservatives have made, but I want to say that there are some other taboos also in Iran that totally denying their existance is causing uncontrolled effects! maybe it would be a good starting point that because the conservatives are willing to show that they have changed and are more felexible now, they would also accept to start talking and giving information and material about other taboos such as sex.

Posted by Shauheen at March 11, 2004 01:28 PM