May 06, 2004


Iran Newspaper has an article in critisizing Iraq's new proposed flag._40087109_iraq_new_flag2_203.gif
It was reported that Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council has approved a new national flag for the embattled country.
there were lot's of reaction to the decision. specially the way Iran was trying to approach the story was to condemn the decision, and show how most of Iraqi people are opposing the decisions made by the US-approved governing council and coalition forces.
I don't want to argue regarding wether the new proposed flag is beautiful and well-designed or not, and if it looks like the israeli flag or it is a good representation of Iraqi society or so. Neither do I approve that a non-elected government should be allowed to make such decisions (not just this one, but many more).
Rather, what is interesting to me is how others feel like they should influence the decisions made in another country for some other people! bad or not Iraqi people will decide soon on what should happen to their future. why should Iranian media want to influence the public Iraqi beleifs so much?

Posted by Shauheen at May 6, 2004 05:24 PM