May 08, 2004

bloodless coup

Just when, the conservatives have taken most of the upcoming Parliament seats both in first and second round of the elections (due to reformist candidates being banned from participating in the elections by the hard-line watchdog!) just after Tehran City Council, they are preparing to win the presidential elections to ANY cost.

Obviously people are not much happy with the performance of the current cabinet, But the conservatives seem to have started a big war in the remainder of the time that Khatami and his cabinet are at the head of the government.

Attacking social gatherings, is again on the agenda of militia groups who break into conferences, ruin everything, hit innocent people, and take all the cameras and photos after threatening the journalists, without the police forces even interfering the event.

Also the Army has closed Tehran's new international airport on its first day of scheduled flights on Saturday. A move which looks more like an armed coup d'etat.

not saying that conservatives might more be happy to open the airport by a conservative cabinet. they are doing their best to ruin the image of the current cabinet and Khatami himself, as a symbol of reformists.

How many votes will this buy for them? one has to wait and see.

Posted by Shauheen at May 8, 2004 04:13 PM