September 07, 2004

Montreal Film Festival

Montreal Film festival is over. Unfortunately I could not see more than 3 movies, although there where many good ones. I really think that they could lower the price of tickets. Since for many of the movies the theatres where not really full, actually we saw one of them almost alone!!! Obviously when there are more than 20 movies on your wish list and seeing each will cost 10 bucks, and you are a student on a tight budget, you will have to sacrifice some for the others, and even sometimes choose at random! Although I had purchased some tickets from “Concordia Graduate Students Association� for a good price, but it was not enough!

Anyways, I just would like to give you an advice based on my own experience, when you are going to see a movie in an international film festival don't go foe the unknown ones, in search of a new color of art, it can be a real waste of time and money. steve+sky was a Belgian movie (with French sub title) that was a real waste of time to be seen! Unless you are sort of person who tries to be considered as a pure art lover! Then you are right! I don't understand people talking Martian!!!

Posted by Shauheen at September 7, 2004 02:21 PM