September 07, 2004

For many years now, I've been relying on reading c|net But recently I have the annoying feeling that there is something going wrong over there!

Christophe Guillemin has written this article special to CNET

It almost goes well, until here:

"Microsoft's music downloads, on the other hand, can be read by a far larger number of music players."

!!! Microsoft !!! you mean that stupid WMA??! give me a break! how did you count that one? which resulted in FAR larger number? perhaps he has found an MS patent on Cassettes, magnetic tapes, and added all portable cassette players as well! even with that will it sum up to be FAR larger number?!

According to another article on published: September 2, 2004 By Ina Fried Staff Writer of CNET

"Apple ... claiming 70 percent of legal music downloads and roughly half of the U.S. digital music player business. "

well may be that other half is FAR more important! Well, at least to MS it is!!!

Posted by Shauheen at September 7, 2004 11:34 PM