June 06, 2005

I'm SO confused!!

When I first read the news on the C|net, I was hoping that this was another stupid report by them! later I started to wish that if true, it would just be a trick to push IBM deliver the Power chips sooner! later I started thinking of having both platforms! but this is far more serious than I had though!

I'm so confused, I can not even think of one complete sentence! I think it will definitely take a while before I can digest an Intel-inside Mac! at least it will take a long while before I can love it as much as I love the R E A L macs!

I truly believe in Steve Jobs and his decisions. I'm sure that this move is a clever move and that Apple can do the transition smoothly and become much more powerful. I also understand that the ultimate goal is "Simple computing for everyone", and that the transition to Intel does not harm the motto!

But besides the phrase "Intel-inside Mac" the only thing that is truly bothering me is that I feel for the first time in the history of Apple, profitability and business model has won the game from quality! maybe I'm wrong but this hurts alot! Strong the dark side hath become! retreat we must!

puzzled shauheen in his black Apple T-shirt!

Posted by Shauheen at June 6, 2005 08:42 PM