April 06, 2006

Boot Camp

It's official now! Macs will have an official, Apple provided solution to run Windows! bootcamp.PNG It sounds funny! It's like Apple is saying if you are so stupid to run windows when you have already seen OS X, then let us take a few hundred dollars from you while we keep expanding our potential framework!

In other words this wise decision is because there is no point in not letting users do that! I bet they have spent less than a few hours in producing Boot Camp. Having said that I still would prefer to see something like VirtualPC to run any windows application necessary natively from within the OS X. What remains a question is that if Apple will ever officially let non mac users to install OS X on their machines? This could effect Apple in big ways, and of course is like taking out the swords to the face of Microsoft, it could even change Apple into a pure software company, which will prevent the world from getting more innovations on the hardware side. BTW interested to know how will Boot Camp work with other OSs?

Posted by Shauheen at April 6, 2006 01:09 AM