April 05, 2006


It was always interesting to see that third person in the US presidential elections, yeah Ralph Nader. So when I saw that he will be at Concordia to give a lecture I decided to attend and see what he thinks.nader.jpg

Although he has made a good progress from the first time that he ran for office, but it is very clear why he will never be able to win the game. Simply he is neither stupid enough nor intelligent enough! he can hardly speak to the general audience, and what he is looking for is simply a fatal path to US. I am not a capitalist but you can not run a country with no business and no science and technology! and yes it comes at a cost! In other words I like some of his ideas but obviously not that radical! In the QnA period, there came an interesting question I always wonder. Those 2 million people who voted for Nader where definitely not going to vote for Bush! This way Nader has taken away the success from democrats which he himself refers to as less worst, and practically achived nothing! he answered that the goal is to fight a double party dictatorship, Well his answer did not sound convincing to me!

Posted by Shauheen at April 5, 2006 01:36 AM