October 27, 2004

Where is the Monitor?!

Well, I don't want to sound racist!! so I won't tell you who and how was aking the question! But you could imagine yourself! I saw it with my own eyes.indexallinone20040831.jpg

Last week Concordia Computer Store had held a computer fair in the university in which many companies, including Apple were showing their products.

The discussion was like this!
"The Funny Guy": "So, ... what is this?"
Apple marketing : "This is the new Apple iMac G5 ..."
F : "Where is the computeh?"
A : "Everything is inside this 2 inch thick box, the slot loading CD is here ..."
F : "Ohh! so this the computer?!! so where is the monitor?!!"

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October 18, 2004

We buy your used airplanes

Do you want to get rid of your old airplanes?

Are you planning to renovate your airline?

Then Don't waste the time! we buy all your used and old airplanes!
Again Iran is planning to buy some used airplanes!
This time a chinese airline is looking for some money to buy some brand new airbus.

China Northern Airline:
"We had this great idea, and we wanted to get the most out of our existing garbage. so we decided to sell them to Iran, and we are very happy. They really helped us."

So, what are YOU waiting for?

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