March 31, 2006

Wired Article

As much as I hate C|net's propaganda, specially when it comes to Apple, but I usually like WIRED, and find most of their articles at least well written. This one although tastes bitter and although I do not agree with all points, but is mostly true and after all a bit relaxing! It's good to feel that you don't need to be always correct and always extrapolative to be Steve Jobs!

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March 29, 2006

30th Anniversary Macintosh

April 1, 1976, Apple Computer was founded in Mountain View, California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. 20thanmac.jpg Since then Apple has been the sole reason for innovation and change in the computer industry. From the very first graphic user interface and mouse to astonishing industrial designs and portable computers and palm, even the music industry, there is a trace of Apple, in almost everything we enjoy today in the computer world.

1996 marked the 20th anniversary of Apple, for which the famous "20th anniversary Macintosh" was released. You can not imagine the elegance and beauty and innovation in that computer, if you had not seen it at that time. Many parts were assembled using fine leather and were hand made. It's a true collectible today.

Well, time passes so quickly! This weekend will mark the 30th anniversary of Apple. Many things have changed during the past decade at Apple. Today the company is in a much better shape, with a complete list of adorable products. Lets hope for another milestone. BTW, what do you think would be revealed?

Happy birthday Apple.

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March 20, 2006

Simplest System

I am deep in my research! In fact I'm not so sure, if I should get too much philosophical or not, but I have a big question to answer.

What is the most simple system that you can think of, and why?

I think, the simplest system should not be something which was created or discovered later in the history! e.g. writing a text, is not by itself a simple system as it took many years for human to invent it. However you may say communication is an example of a simple system which consists of two entities and a function, but I doubt that it was the first system identified by human. You may also argue that the simplest system need not be the first one that was utilized.

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March 15, 2006


June 2005, Worldwide Developer Conference, marked a very important date on the life of Apple computer. It was when CEO steve jobs officially announced the transition to Intel processors for the future macs, and urged developers to recompile and rewrite their existing codes. It was an end to a long rumor that the IBM Apple relationship was not going on well. As expected the first Intel Macs were out earlier than first promised. During Macworld in January 2006 Apple officially introduced the first Intel inside iMacs and the product was available immediately at Apple stores. Apple also announced that it has been secretly developing all its software for both platforms and that they ran natively on Intel instruction set.

Well, many people were excited to install the OS X on a Wintel machine! Yeah imagine the possibilities! but from all those opportunities one that I am dying to see is Keynote for windows. It has been such a headache to get rid of this damned powerpoint! It simply sucks! Whenever I see a keynote presentation I feel so bad that I have to use powerpoint, the output of the keynote is so much more professional and good looking that you will instantly realize this can not be powerpoint. besides, powerpoint is sort of ancient software now, when was the last time that Microsoft issued a real update?! 2003?! well I'm looking for the iWork that runs on Wintel.

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March 06, 2006


Like many I haven't seen crash yet! but I expected more for Munich. Jon Stewart was good, I noticed that Roger Ebert had also written a very positive review on his performance. But the show seemed so much shorter than the previous ones, and maybe there was not as much time as those times when Billy Crystal used to entertain. Although I think its a good idea to keep it short! maybe that's one of the reasons for loosing so many viewers. honestly most people say extremely stupid things when they receive the Oscar! I wonder why they don't have someone prepare them a more appropriate speech! nobody expects an actor to have script writing abilities! or sense of humor!

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March 03, 2006


The 78th Annual Academy Awards is hosted by Jon Stewart.Jon_Stewart.jpg I usually watch the Daily show, in fact its one of the few shows that I ever watch, and I like its host a lot. I am sure and I hope that he would do great on the oscar night as well, and specifically not refrain from politics. However there is one issue that I am not so sure about. I think Jon is so much dependent to his desk. Whenever he is performing standing up, the level of his physical humor is reduced compared to when he has the desk to lean on. I don't know how much has he and his directors and writers been working and practicing on the oscar stage.

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