November 29, 2007


I'm blogging from my iPhone.
this is amazing, I truly hate Rogers for delaying this experience so long!

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November 19, 2007


I just noticed that Virgin mobile has also offered an unlimited data plan, which costs just 10 bucks a month.

Alas they are just able to provide the plan on pieces of crap such as, Samsung m510

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November 18, 2007

iPhone in Canada

Who thinks that an imaginary line would make so much difference! Well, Apple is not that much excited about Canada being an iPhone market! I think they just don't take the white north too much seriously! Or maybe it has to do with the greedy cell phone companies and their stupidly priced rate plans here.

In any case, it is very annoying not to be able to get the iPhone here. I'm sure that Apple is missing a lot of profit as well. That being said, there are other markets that would no doubt have much more impact on the business, such as asia, and perhaps as there has been rumors going around, China.

However, it is getting to look better. It's not about the fake photoshop editted ads of iphone in Canada or Molson's gaffe to announce iphone as a contest prize. Bell and Telus have started to offer unlimited mobile browsing options with their products. That's somthing no one would even dream for based on what they were charging a month ago!

You can now get an HTC Touch from bell, which will cost 150 dollars with a three year plan. The plans are also priced acceptable, and you can also get an unlimited data add-on for just 7 bucks a month. That's a real good deal, as getting the same from AT&T in US would cost 20 dollars. In fact you can remove unlimited data from your iPhone plan at a saving of 20 dollars US. Now iPhone will not show up on any of those companies' products. Since the only GSM network worthy of iPhone belongs to Rogers, but the availabilty of those plans could suggest strongly, that they are preparing to counter the iPhone effect.

If that would be the case, then Rogers should be a huge idiot to miss the end of the year sales. Which would in turn translate to a very near release date for iPhone probably in few weeks. I have my fingers crossed!

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November 12, 2007


I installed and used Leopard, and I saw Airbus A380 today!

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