January 11, 2008

What I would like to see!

I remember days that nobody had ever heard of Macworld. In fact people would not even take Apple seriously. Well apparently those days are well over, today almost any MS idiot knows about the upcoming event, and there is quite a buzz around it.

This is however the first time that I am seriously considering to be in line to buy the product that will be announced, an by that I mean I don't even wait for the possible bugs to be fixed or the prices to drop. Now all that is assuming that Steve would indeed introduce a super slim and light notebook. What I would like to see is 10 - 12 inch wide and about 0.3 inch thick, and around 500 grams. No optical drive and no hard disk, 4+ hours battery life. What would be amazing, is a dual screen. In other words something that would be seen from behind when the laptop door is closed, and provide the touch-screen technology and when you open the laptop, you would have the usual screen with a full keyboard.

And of course I would love to see the AAPL rebound to 210 asap!

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