March 29, 2004


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March 19, 2004


More attention is now paid to Neishabur explosion, and the minister of road and transportation and the head of the IR Railways are now being questioned.
Since I have seen how most of the people in IR Railways work hard to maintain the service, it’s really hard foe me to say that these people are not doing their job correctly. But what i can say for sure is that the framework that is imposed to them is absolutely a bloody mistake! May be this would be a good time for everyone to feel how urgent is the need for fundamental and organizational changes in Iranian Transportation section.
One will have to see what would be coming out of the court?!

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March 14, 2004

Who is responsible?

Well, looks like the explosion that killed many people in khayam station in east Province of Khorasan in Iran is simply being fixed up by blaming it on few misrable workers (article in shargh).

When a system is malfunctioning is it only the lowest levels that should be fixed so that the problem would resolve?
Let's assume that the whole catastrophe has just resulted from a simple worker not fixing the brakes correctly, and that nothing else should be taken into account to avoid such a situation. who should be responsible for hiring an irrisponsible person for a potentially important job? what is the reason that he has not paid enough attention to his job? does he feel secure, Is he doing his job willingly?

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March 11, 2004

joy of Wednesday

The last Tuesday Night of the Persian Year (Starts on the beginning of Spring, 21st March) is celebrated by all Persians by making bon fires and jumping over it, singing and performing certain traditions. Although the way it is performed now days, is not Zoroastrian, but every festivity which has a fire component, shall be searched for its roots in this Ancient Persian Religion. The celebration is called "Chahar Shanbeh Soori" or wednesday party.

During many years after the revelution the islamic hardliners in Iran had opposed the festival, and because people would have celebrated it anyway, there was always some clashes between police and basij forces with people who were partying. As a result of this stupid policy of denying the facts, many consequences where brought up, like using extremely dangerous explosives by people and even children who wanted to make big explosion sounds on the night. and also a big black market of required material.

On the contrary this year the municipality of Tehran which is controlled mostly by the hardliners has announced that they will help the celebration to be held, and that they will sell safe instruments for the festival in known places. perhaps the fire fighting department can controll the process, and even distribute flyers that will describe all the hazards and also will teach how to use the stuff, so that the rate of injuries would be lower this year.

I'm not pointing to the political face-off that the conservatives have made, but I want to say that there are some other taboos also in Iran that totally denying their existance is causing uncontrolled effects! maybe it would be a good starting point that because the conservatives are willing to show that they have changed and are more felexible now, they would also accept to start talking and giving information and material about other taboos such as sex.

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March 09, 2004

Jordan to Mojtahedi

A report from Alborz High School is an article in shargh.

it's a short introduction to the history of this high school in Tehran which dates back to 1928.
Alborz High school was known once as the American College of Tehran founded by Dr. S Jordan and his wife, and was later renamed to alborz.
Dr. Jordan and Dr. Mojtahedi's sincere serving in the high school has made a glorious history and a big society of elites who have studied at Alborz.
Do you think that the glamour will fade as time goes on, and everything would be forgotten or that alborz will always be known as a top high school?
In other words how do you think it would be possible to keep a good reputation not only for Alborz but for any other institution? What are the factors that effect the way people see some educational organization?

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March 08, 2004


Seyed Mustafa Tajzadeh has a very good analytic article in shargh regarding the percentage of people who have voted in the 7th parlimetary elections in Iran.
In the elections the Guardian Council had disqualified 23 out of 30 candidates for 2 seats for "Sanandaj - Divandarreh - Kamyaran". The overall participation of kurds in the 7th parliment election has been 27.84% decreased from 70.18% in 6th parliment election.
this is the official results from the website of the ministry of interior for the 7th parliment election.
also you can find some statistics about the 6th parliment election results here.

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I received this story from one of my friends, and I'm sharing it here.

This is the online diary of President Khatami's official site, which has been censored and removed from his site these days due to the big volume of abusive and foul language that people have used to write him online.

Once upon a time a wealthy man was driving his beautiful car from the village where he lived to a city. While driving he saw a poor man on the road walking to the city. so he stopped and gave the poor man a ride. while they were going towards the city they saw a pile of shit in a corner. suddenly the rich man told the poor man if you eat from that shit I will give my car to you! the poor man jumped out of the car and ate the shit!
The rich man who never expected this to happen had to give the car to the poor man although against his will.
When they were returning, the rich man was thinking to himself, "what the heck I did!, I lost my car" and the poor man who was ashamed of himself was thinking "what the heck I did, I ruined myself!"
When they got back to the same point where the shit was, the poor man who was really upset, pulled over, and told the rich man that if you eat from the same shit I will return your car. The rich man who was really regretful and upset of loosing his car rushed to the shit and ate it all!
The poor man who didn't want to change his word, gave the car back to the rich man.

When they were getting near to the village, the poor man looked at themselves and asked the rich man, "When we were leaving the village the car was yours, now that we are returning it is again yours, so why did we eat the shit?"

Mr. Khatami why did we vote?!...

what do you think about the story! :)

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March 05, 2004



All the streets around the Concordia Universities main building were closed by the police, the main building was evaquated, and our class was interrupted (unfortunately in the last 15 minutes!!)
It was due to finding a suspicious object in the university.

It proved to be a false alarm!

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March 01, 2004


Why don't some people think about the ways they present themselves and their ideologies to the world!?
b.jpgDo they really have to show a barbarian face?
It seems like the Turkish people have understood that It is not appropriate to look beaten to death, nor does it serve any good for the one whom they are mourning for! Perhaps other countries have to learn something from Europe too.
as Reuters says:
"Contrary of the other Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq or Pakistan, Turkey's Shi'ite Muslim minority beat their chests or show their emotions through other means without cutting or injuring themselves, and instead donate blood to the Red Crescent".
What would be wrong with commemorating Ashoura with preparing food, donating blood, and perhaps preying?

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Digging History

I came across a very very interesting letter!
This is on the official site of the Guardians Council.
It is really funny to read once again that how some famous people thought about women rights and some other election related problems, and the fact that they have published all this proudly on their website.
BTW, why some people can't write a letter from which one can conclude an idea!?
Pay special attention to the signatures, and how they have written their names!

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